What we do

Omnis Medical Group is a team of medical professionals dedicated to leveraging the power of technology to increase the quality of patient care while lowering cost of care.

From hospital to post-acute to home, we help you build a seamless strategic plan to promote the health of individuals.

We work to promote the financial viability of your accountable care organization.

Our thought leaders are skilled in both clinical care and the quantitative aspects of population health. We promote the leveraging of technology including telemedicine visits and remote patient monitoring for rapid paced, preventive medical interventions. Keeping patients home has never been more critical. We also recognize the importance of real time evaluation of quality metrics. This includes assessment of risk adjustment through accurate hierarchical care coding.

Starting with wellness, and a healthy population and moving across the continuum to hospice care. We help you develop a seamless comprehensive model of quality, efficient patient care.

Acute care

Utilization of emergency and hospital care are high cost for patients and insurance providers. A stay in the hospital is typically tens of thousands of dollars per day. It is not uncommon for patients to remain in the hospital for days as suitable placement is found for patients such as skilled nursing facilities. As the decentralized model of care is implemented fully, hospitals will be reserved for the sickest patients who require surgery and/or intensive care. Omnis Medical Group works to leverage technology and clinical teams to help avoid hospitalizations when possible.

Subacute care

Skilled nursing facilities remain a key component in the continuum of care. Patients are not well enough or able to care for themselves independently, but not sick enough to require hospitalization. Post-acute stays can be very effective for those patients who require physical rehabilitation. Typically, for the patients who are able, the goal is to return home. Omnis Medical Group encourages collaboration and effective communication as patients move between healthcare settings.

Home care

The patient-centric model of healthcare care shifts the focus of care from the hospitals and institutions to home-based care. Telemedicine, home health care, primary care and palliative care will play key roles in keeping patients at home. The logistics of providing patients with the supplies they need when they need it is a paramount focus for decentralized healthcare. Delivery of medications and supplies while having skilled nursing available for care will are focal points for growth. Omnis Medical Group works to connect health care providers, home health agencies and pharmacies with the common goal of keeping patients at home.

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