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The health of the population starts with quality personalized care

Omnis Medical Group is a team of medical professionals dedicated to leveraging the power of technology to increase the quality of patient care while lowering the cost of care.

What we do

Omnis Medical Group is dedicated to helping healthcare institutions partner with quality health providers across the continuum of patient care.

Acute care

Utilization of emergency and hospital care are high cost for patients and insurance providers.  Omnis Medical Group works to leverage technology and clinical teams to help avoid hospitalizations when possible.

Post acute care

Skilled nursing facilities remain a key component in the continuum of care.  Patients are not well enough or able to care for themselves independently, but not sick enough to require hospitalization.  Omnis Medical Group encourages collaboration and effective communication as patients move between healthcare settings.

Home care

Telemedicine, home health care, primary care and palliative care will play key roles in keeping patients at home.  Omnis Medical Group works to connect health care providers, home health agencies and pharmacies with the common goal of keeping patients at home.

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